Frontend Web Developer and Agile Coach in Berlin



I have many years experience in web development having worked for a number of companies in different industries.

I am a freelance Frontend Developer and I create responsive websites and web applications that run on all clients. I have also experience in developing HTML5/hybrid apps for iOS and Android devices.


Javascript / Typescript (frameworks Angular and react.js)

I am an expert when it comes to programming in Plain Vanilla Javascript, as well as using the frameworks Angular & React. I have many years experience working with jQuery and used Backbone before. Furthermore I build apps with node.js


I have many years experience in using HTML, XHTML and HTML5, as well as in creating style sheets (CSS + CSS3). In used both Bootstrap and Foundation in my previous projects. For a few years now I use CSS - Preprocessors like LESS and SASS.

Hybrid Apps

I have build a couple of Hybrid Apps with Cordova / Phonegap and know the caveats and workarounds.

Responsive / Mobile first

I create responsive web applications, which work on mobile devices as well as on desktop devices.


I have many years experience in using relational databases, like MSSQL and MySql, as well as in using document based databases (NOSQL), like MongoDB.


I have some years experience working with node.js and PHP.

Git / Svn

I have many years of experience in using Subversion (Svn), and have been using Git (and Gitflow) in the past couple of years.


I am a certified Scrum Master (PSM-1) and have worked some years in Scrum mode and got to appreciate the way of agile software development.


You can reach me on +49(0)163-173-1482